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Argotek was established in 2014 and is owned and directed by Hein Etzel, a young and innovative BSc Mechanical Engineer with a passion for design, manufacturing and research and development in the fields of motorsport, lean manufacturing, automotive, packaging and machine design.

Argotek is situated at the St Claire Centre, 32 Andrew Zondo Road (Previously Kingsway Road), Warner Beach.

Mission Statement

  • We aspire to become a lean manufacturing company that can obtain machinery to allow for greater volumes of engineering machining, design and production.
  • To produce a product of superior quality and standards.
  • To offer quality products and customer service at affordable rates.


Engineering Design

Argotek can perform all stages of the engineering design process - from conceptualisation through to prototype testing and mass production - to deliver bespoke turnkey solutions to our customers. Upon evaluation of an engineering problem, we can provide a solution using our modelling software to design prototypes and even run simulations. Once a design has been approved for prototyping, we then manufacture all components using our engineering machining tools. Thereafter, we are able to commission components or machinery to ensure that the customer is satisfied with the product and that they meet the customers requirements satisfactorily.

Engineering Machining

With three CNC lathes, a CNC milling machine and conventional machines, we are able to manufacture components we design with short lead times and optimal precision. We manufacture products ranging from ferrous and non-ferrous metals to various polymers. Our machines consist of but are not limited to Fanuc based controlled machines and operate at a repeatable precision of 0.002mm. Our seasoned CNC programmers are fluent and efficient at programming, setting and operating; further decreasing lead times. For parts with complicated contours, such as moulds and dies, Computer Aided Manufacturing software is used.


Using various welding techniques, such as TIG, MIG and arc welding; we are able to fabricate structures to our customers requirements. Argotek has the capabilities to produce an extensive range of steel structures to a high standard, for example: A Baja SAE vehicle was built by the Argotek team and was entered into the 2012 Sasol Baja SAE competition, placing 1st runner up as well as winning the main event, a 4 hour endurance race. The entire structure for the Argotek electroplating line was manufactured in-house and has proven to be reliable and effective as it holds over 3.5 tons of solution.


  • 2008

    Graduated from George Campbell Technical High School.

    • Graduated with an exemption aggregate,
    • Achieved third highest aggregate for trials exams in the grade,
    • Achieved distinctions in Mathematics, Technical Drawing, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Applications Technology,
    • Was selected as a Prefect for his leadership skills,
    • Awarded the "Most Improved" trophy for Mechanical Engineering,
    • Awarded the "Highest Aggregate" trophy for Technical Drawing,
    • Awarded the "Highest Aggregate" trophy for Afrikaans Second Language.

  • 2009

    Steam Power

    Designed and manufactured a micro steam powered car which travelled 1.3km on limited fuel and placed 2nd for the event.

  • 2012

    Graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal

    Graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and completed the degree in the minimum time possible with Deans commendation

  • 2012

    Sasol Baja SAE International Baja Challenge

    Competed in the 2012 Sasol Baja SAE International Baja Challenge

    • Achieved highest score in the four hour endurance race,
    • Placed 1st runner up overall for the challenge,
    • Placed 1st amongst all 2012 mechanical engineering final year projects in the sponsored category.

  • 2013

    H1 Racing - Basil Read Ford

    Worked at H1 Racing for the Basil Read Ford national rally team as Research and Development Engineer.

  • 2014

    Defy Appliances

    Worked at Defy Appliances as Process Engineer for their East London, Ezakheni and Jacobs manufacturing plants.

  • 2014

    Founded Argotek!

    Founded Argotek specialising in nickle chrome electroplating and engineering. The electroplating line would go on to run two shifts a day for ten months to cater for Defy Appliances production requirements.

  • 2015

    First CNC Lathe

    Acquired very first CNC Lathe, this marked the turning point for Argotek to shift its focus to the precision engineering discipline.

  • 2016

    First CNC Mill

    Through the course of the year we acquired four more CNC lathes - one of which we retrofitted - and one CNC Milling machine.

  • Today!

    Continuing to strive for perfection across industries such as packaging, automotive tooling, electrical switchgear mechanisms and more.


Hein Etzel

BSc Mechanical Engineer

Kyle Pullinger

Engineering Representative
BSc Mechanical Engineer

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